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The Right Career
If you are “just” looking for a job, The RIGHT Career™ is not for you
  • There are many good job sites

If you are “just” looking for a career, The RIGHT Career™ is not for you

  • Career Builder, Monster or a recruiter may be your best bet


If you are looking for the career that

  • will fulfill your life’s ambition,
  • allows you to be the real you,
  • and utilizes the God-given gift inside you…

then you are looking for The RIGHT Career™

Thomas J Gilroy “TJ”


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My name is Thomas J Gilroy, and my nickname is TJ

I am an author, lecturer, and businessman. My wife, Mary, and I reside in Foxfire Village, N.C. I attended the University of Virginia before being commissioned a Marine Officer. My Military Occupational Specialty in the Marines was flying attack helicopters, which is where I received the nickname “TJ.”

I have spoken to crowds in the thousands and have presented my unique message to business people, law enforcement groups, military personnel and church groups. My message has made a major impact on the lives of many, and my earnest desire is to help you find your gift and purpose.

What I can do for You:

  • Coaching
  • Speaking
  • Live Workshops

The Packages:

  • Discovery Package
  • Transition Package

If you are in a career transition, then The RIGHT Career™ is for YOU

If you are:

  • leaving the military
  • leaving law enforcement
  • entering the workforce from college or high school
  • re-entering the workforce 
  • looking for more opportunity
  • looking for what you are really meant to do with your life…
then you have found the right place for 

The RIGHT Career™

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Most people don’t really know who they are. They go through life accommodating those around them and adapting their personality to situations and circumstances. Can you relate? Can you think of times when you know you changed who you really are, what you wanted, and how you wanted to act in order to please someone else?

Want to increase your income? Is the mask you wear holding you back for the income you deserve?

TJ Gilroy: "Instead of being yourself, you wear what I call a mask."


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